Spotify web player – How to use Spotify web player on web browser?

Spotify web player is most loved music streaming service that also has huge library of Podcasts, audiobooks, etc. And it provides you ease to create a playlist with personalised recommendation. Simply, login Spotify web player account, on your PC’s or mobile web browser. Moreover, accessing Spotify on web browser will let you save space on device. Synchronise songs and play songs as per your wish. Thus, getting the access to your favorite songs playlists easily each time you login your account. No need to install Spotify app on your device.

spotify web player

Want to enjoy your leisure time listening to your favorite artist songs? You can listen it from browser directly from Spotify web player. Discover new Songs, Podcasts, music and variety of audiobooks belonging to different genres. With the Web version, you can login your account from any devices, directly from web browser.

What does Spotify web player offers?

Several features of Spotify Web Player leads the platform as most loved one. The awe-inspiring features are as follows-

  • Easy to access
    • To listen your favorite songs, login your Spotify account on the web player platform. Sign-in your account and begin listening the songs you loved the most from Albums, artist and created playlist.
  • Intuitive Interface
    • On Spotify web player, you can navigate to different options by logging in your web player account. You can click any option on the platform by the use Keyboard shortcuts(if logged in on PC).
  • Personal Playlists
    • You can group your loved songs, podcasts or audiobooks into your curated playlists.
  • Download songs
    • You can listen to songs, podcasts and audiobooks offline too, through Spotify Premium subscription.
  • Use Search filters
    • Input your keywords related to artists, albums, and your playlist name to find your desired song.
  • Save songs to Library
    • Add on your loved songs to your Library of Songs from different categories.
  • Add up music to Queue
    • Synchronise your preferences based on what you wish to listen next after playing the Songs.
  • Awesome Music Quality
    • The music quality it offers is best and splendid which streams soulful music while playing it. This platform has songs from every artist, music library and different genres.
  • Browse from Huge library of songs
    • You can search for desired songs and playlists while streaming services from browser version.
  • Recommend you Songs
    • On the basis of your choices and search habits, it recommends songs to you. Personalise your playlist based on the newly discovered music.

How to use Spotify web player?

Spotify web player has several fascinating features that leaves listeners awestrucked. This includes several audio and music streaming services. Spotify web player online free login can be performed easily on the platform –

  1. Go to ‘’ and here click on ‘Get Spotify Free’.
  2. Enter your account details- Email, Password, Phone no., birth date, etc. Verify them on the page.
  3. Hit the “Sign Up” button, thus your account has been successfully created.
  4. This way you can enter into Spotify and enter the credentials – email and password to login your account.

How can I use Spotify web player on Android?

To listen to your favorite songs on your Android without downloading any app, sign-in yourself from web browser.

  1. On your Google browser, search for Spotify web player.
  2. It will open up the login page.
  3. Enter your credentials on the page.
  4. Hit the ‘Sign-in’ button.

How to fix Spotify login issues?

Sometimes while logging in your web player account, you may not be able to sign-in. Go with the following fix issues –

  • Login your browser account again.
  • Refresh your loaded screen.
  • Try to load the web player in incognito mode.
  • When you encounter “Playback of protected content is not enabled” error message – activate Widevine plugin.
  • Activate the Protected content access on web browser with the help of chrome settings.
  • On google chrome, search for ‘chrome://settings/content‘. Then, turn On ‘Allow site to play protected content’.
  • Search on supported version of web browser. Visit to Spotify web player official page to know about browser compatibility.

Which has better features – Spotify app or Spotify web player?

Spotify is among the topmost music streaming service provider, which has both online web player and Spotify App. Both offers numerous Songs and music playlists to enjoy. You no need to download any app, and you can login your account with Thus, it offers convenience of access from web browser each time you wish to login. And, saving storage space while offering the same music streaming experience. Besides, the web player doesn’t let you upload any of your created videos.
With Spotify app, you can navigate to different playing options using Keyboard Hotkeys. Also, the sound quality app offers has no comparison.